What Are the Different Types of Custom Printed Apparel That Can Help Promote Your Brand?

What Are the Different Types of Custom Printed Apparel That Can Help Promote Your Brand?

Dec 11, 2023Foxtree Designs

Customized clothing is a big rage; if you are in the apparel business, it's a great variety to offer your customers. Custom printed apparel is always necessary for any business because it's the perfect way to showcase your brand image while allowing for easy recognition of your employees. A simple t-shirt with your logo can easily make your employees identifiable to the customers and management. With a simple glance, customers can separate other shoppers from your employees. 

And with the ever-changing environment, providing branded apparel for your employees is a much-needed visual cue to keep them safe and recognizable. We put together our topmost 5 product picks that can be customized to suit your logo to make your employees stand out from the general public while staying on brand.  

Different Types of Custom Printed Apparel That Can Help Promote Your Brand:


Custom tees or t-shirts are a staple for every business. Creating custom-branded tees for your business is relatively affordable and quick. Considering the vast canvas size of a t-shirt, you always have a vast opportunity to showcase your logo. Place your logo in bigger version on the front of a tee, or choose to go the gentler route with a small icon on the chest area and your employee's name running along the back of the t-shirt. No matter how you design your custom t-shirt, this is the perfect pick for every business starting with customized apparel for their business. 


This is the best pairing with your custom employee tee-shirt. A hoodie or a sweatshirt with hood can be a great addition to any uniform or serve as a 'team swag' item too for your employees. It's always a great practice to equip your employees with enough corporate apparel to be worn in different seasons and for multiple occasions. Instead of your employees covering up their branded tees by layering up when they feel cold, it is better to have a customized hoodie to throw on top. A hoodie is an ideal addition to any corporate uniform because it acts as an ideal layering piece while ensuring your employees stay on brand. 


This is different, but it has recently become necessary for every business type. With the rise of COVID-19 and its impact on businesses, masks have become essential for everyone. But when everyone is being advised to wear such masks, it can be easy to lose your own employees amongst the crowd. That's why we recommend custom masks decorated with your company logo. Just the way you would customize a hat to accompany your employee t-shirt – a mask has become an essential addition to every corporate uniform. 


If you're a health service provider or a grocery store or a food business, then such aprons are a must-have for your employees. But instead of equipping your employees with the plain and somewhat dull apron, choose to create a custom apron. Please take advantage of the apron size and print your brand logo large so it's easily visible even from afar. Also, add extra customization to your apron design by picking a color that suits your brand identity. This custom-printed apparel easily connects an employee with the brand and the company. 


Hats are a truly versatile piece of customized apparel. Businesses focusing on landscaping or gardening should lean towards snapbacks or trucker hats. If you're in the food business, we recommend visor hats for health and safety reasons. Regardless of which hat you choose, design it with an embroidered logo along the front or even sideways so it is easily noticeable. You can also, consider pairing your custom hats with some tee-shirts so your employees can consistently stay on the brand even if they choose to omit wearing the hat. 

Design it Your Way:

So, whether you want to purchase custom tees or hats, you can select from our wide selection of products to find the best option for your brand and logo. Once you've selected a product, head to our Design Studio at Foxtree Designs to customize your branded products easily! 

In conclusion:

With the changing business environment businesses are looking for new and fresh ways to make their brands stad out. Custom apparel is a unique and simple yet highly effective visual cue that will set your employees apart from customers and spread the word about your brand. We can make a great addition to your corporate apparel-wear or other custom apparels for your employees. We are dedicated to working with the fellow business owners and community members to promote safe practices in this new environment. 


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