DTF Printing for Shirts – Why Is It So Much Preferred?

DTF Printing for Shirts – Why Is It So Much Preferred?

Dec 04, 2023Foxtree Designs
More and more people want custom prints on shirts and t-shirts that express their personality and novelty. There is no denying that the industry of custom t-shirt printing has expanded rapidly in the last few years. DTF printing is a comparatively new player in the textile printing industry. DTF (direct-to-film) is a printing method that uses less white ink as a base for producing high-quality and vibrant designs on different fabrics. If you have doubts about DTF printing for shirts, let us share why it has become so popular. 

Simple to Operate, Easy to Master:

This is one of the significant benefits of choosing DTF printing for shirts. Compared to any other printing methods, DTF printing is easy to master. Thus, beginners can learn to use the equipment and offer high-quality prints without training. You only need to print your image with software and transfer it to any fabric you want. DTF printing doesn’t have a lot of restrictions. 

No Limitation to Fabrics:

This is yet another advantage of using DTF printing for shirts. It is widely applicable to different fabrics. Therefore, this method can print on any fabric, including cotton, polyester, and leather. Also, DTF fabric is not restricted to any specific fabric color because it uses white ink as a base, which allows for printing on dark fabrics. 

Vibrant Colors:

DTF printing generates vivid colors and strong layering. The white ink base helps with vibrant color production and ensures that designs are crisp and clear. This is why it is ideal for complex designs with intricate details and multiple colors. 

Stable and Durable:

DTF prints are stable and durable. The white ink is used as the layer of background color, and the colored ink is on it. It is then pasted on the fabric through an adhesive material, making it less likely to peel or fade away after being washed multiple times. This is a critical factor to consider while designing custom t-shirts that must withstand frequent usage and washing. 

It Can Combine Patterns:

This significantly improves efficiency while batch printing. DTF printing allows combining different patterns that can significantly improve efficiency during batch printing. This means it is possible to print multiple designs at once, which saves time and effort. This is an essential advantage for businesses that produce a large number of t-shirts. 

Doesn’t Require Pre-treatment:

The DTG printing process involves a pre-treatment process and a drying time. The hot melt power applied to the DTF transfers bonds with the print directly to the material, which means pre-treatment is unnecessary. It is much more durable than the DTG prints. Yes, the DTG prints are soft because the ink is applied directly to the garment. But the DTF prints are much more durable. Direct-to-film transfers wash well, and they are highly flexible. This means they shall not crack or peel, which makes them a great option to be used for multiple wear and wash. 

Helps You to Keep Your Inventory Much More Versatile:

It might not be a good option to print a stockpile of the best and most popular designs into every color garment, but with DTF printing, you can easily print popular designs in advance and then store them using a little space. In this way, your best sellers will always be ready to be applied to any garments when needed. 

In Conclusion

DTF printing for shirts has a lot of advantages. It is much more versatile and easier to operate, and the ability to create high-quality prints makes it a valuable tool for businesses that need custom t-shirt prints. DTF printing is ideal for customization in a low starting investment. If you are familiar with dye-sublimation printing, DTF is the perfect complementary technique for increasing your performance and making your business much more profitable. If you are searching for the best DTF printing for shirts, it is time to contact us today!

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