Ford Maverick Tremor Orange "3D Shadow" Look Tailgate Graphics, Maverick Tailgate Letters, Tremor Orange.

This is not the average Etsy or random online store graphic, we are a shop based in Maryland and DO NOT do anything halfway or decent which is why each letter has been meticulously crafted to have the most precise cut that seamlessly fits into the letters of the ford maverick tailgate.
The "3D Shadow" look, Ford's Maverick Tremor bedside graphics have a factory '3d Shadow' look, each letter has been carefully designed to keep that same design.
We have spent the time to find the closest possible shades of orange/gold to pair with the metallic factory look that comes with Fords Tremor package the Maverick comes in.

We've meticulously designed what we believe to be the closest approximation to a factory-made decal. Our dedication to precision and quality ensures that these Tremor Orange tailgate graphics blend seamlessly with your Ford Maverick Tremor.