Abbey Road Aluminum Street Sign

Dimensions: 18" x 6"
Material: High-Quality Aluminum
Mounting System: Velcro Command Strip Wall Mounts
Key Features:
Iconic Design: The Abbey Road Street Sign is a subtle nod to one of the most famous musical landmarks associated with the Beatles.
Durable Construction: Made from premium aluminum, this sign is resilient and long-lasting. Whether displayed indoors or as part of an outdoor collection, it retains its quality.
Easy Installation: Effortlessly mount your sign with our Velcro Command Strip Wall Mounts. They offer a secure attachment without the need for drilling or tools.
Wall-Friendly: Our Velcro Command Strips ensure that hanging this sign is a worry-free process. They leave no residue, paint peels, or holes, preserving your wall's integrity.
Versatile Decoration: Perfect for a variety of settings, from a music lover’s living room to a retro-themed cafe. This sign is a subtle yet impactful addition to any décor.

Materials: Aluminum