Vehicle Lettering and Graphics in Frederick Maryland – Mistakes to Avoid

Vehicle Lettering and Graphics in Frederick Maryland – Mistakes to Avoid

Jan 22, 2024Foxtree Designs

Vehicle lettering and graphics in Frederick, Maryland, are highly effective marketing tools. They shall help you turn your existing vehicles into a promotional billboards. However, a lot of business owners are not able to make the most of the vehicle lettering and graphics. Here is a checklist of the mistakes to avoid during vehicle lettering and graphics in Frederick, Maryland. Read on to know in detail.

Mistakes to Avoid During Vehicle Lettering and Graphics:

1. Poor Material:

This is one of the most common mistakes to avoid. Vinyl material is the basis of all the vehicle graphics. If you choose the wrong material, it will always lead you to disappointment and even lead to a higher cost in the future. It is crucial to remember that saving money on the material is not a good idea, and there are many other ways to save the cost of vinyl graphics. The 3M vinyl is a good raw material because you won't have to worry about peeling, bubbling, discoloration, and other problems during the warranty period.

2. The Wrong Size of the Vehicle Wrap:

Before starting the design, the first things that we ask from the customers are the vehicle model and its size. Vehicle wraps must be designed exactly to fit the vehicle, not only for the make of the vehicle but also for the model. Apart from that, the same car model launched in different years will have differences in size and appearance. If the designer doesn't think about this, the design will either be too long or too short for the vehicle. Therefore, it is crucial to communicate the exact specifications of the vehicle that will be wrapped. Don't trust the vehicle blueprint templates. It is important to measure and double-check with the customer.

3. Ignoring the Curves of the Vehicle:

The vehicle is a three-dimensional element with curves, door handles, body limes, trim, and add-on equipment. The vehicle graphic designer must have the ability to imagine the actual effect after the vehicle lettering and graphics in Frederick, Maryland, is complete. For instance, the gas cap or the shark air vent must be taken into consideration. Cutting a logo or letter in half at a door seam will ruin the vehicle wrap design. The text will get distorted if there is a drape over the bump or protrusion on the side of the car.

4. Too Many Seams:

For large-format graphics, the seam is unavoidable. A good graphic provider will try to reduce the seams or cleverly place the seams in some inconspicuous place.

5. Misspellings and Typos:

You should not underestimate the importance of proofreading the spelling, errors, typos, or wrong information. You have to take time to inspect the phone number, correct spelling of the services listed, the website, and more.

6. Illegible Fonts:

It is important to remember that the vehicle advertising wraps will be visible to people while the vehicle is moving at a speed of 40-60 miles per hour. If the fonts are difficult to understand, people won't be able to contact the business. Therefore, when it is about vehicle lettering and graphics in Frederick, Maryland, it is crucial to ensure that the fonts are legible. Using fonts like sans serif, Arial, Helvetica, or simple serif fonts is a great idea.

7. Busy Design:

Too much text or too many colors will make the viewers lose focus on what exactly to check. Keep in mind that less is more. The simplistic design will help keep the information stand out of the wrap and grab attention.

8. Not Adding Critical Information:

When people pass a vehicle with lettering and graphics in Frederick, Maryland, they shall see the side of the vehicle that faces them. Therefore, it is crucial that the brand and contact details are visible from every angle. You have to think about the hood and the roof, the vehicle's rear and the bodyside.

9. Choosing the Wrong Color:

Choose the graphics and color of the text based on the original color of the vehicle. Low-contrast color selection will not highlight the important information. It is important to use high-contrast color schemes for the best results. If you have a white background, choose dark colors for the text.

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