Tips to Ensure Legible Vehicle Lettering and Graphics in Frederick Maryland

Tips to Ensure Legible Vehicle Lettering and Graphics in Frederick Maryland

Mar 28, 2024Foxtree Designs

Are you planning to add a personal touch to your vehicle and make it your on-the-go advertisement option? You must opt for vehicle lettering and graphics in Frederick, Maryland. However, it is crucial to ensure the vehicle lettering is legible for everyone nearby. This will help you have the desired impact. Here are some tips to make sure that the vehicle lettering and graphics in Frederick, Maryland, are legible.

Tips for Legible Vehicle Lettering and Graphics in Frederick Maryland:

1. Use Easily Readable Fonts:

There are innumerable fonts available online. It is imperative to choose a font that is easily readable. You can narrow down the choices by using the one that aligns with your brand. Avoid ornate fonts that are intended to look like a script or calligraphy. Such fonts are interesting to look at, but they need more time and brainpower to be decipherable. Instead, select serif or sans-serif fonts that can be easily read by a person at a glance. Just make sure that the font doesn’t distract from the message. If the logo includes a more artistic font that is not easily readable, you can include the logo along with the contact information or web address in a simple, clear font just below the logo.

2. Choosing a Contrasting Color:

To ensure the vehicle lettering and graphics in Frederick, Maryland, are easily legible, choose the colors carefully. Otherwise, the letters will blend with the color of the vehicle. If you are placing the letters on the body of the vehicle, you must choose a color that contrasts with the vehicle’s paint job. The most popular choices are black and white. If the vehicle is one of these colors, it is easy to choose a contrasting color. A black text creates a high impact on light colored vehicles like white, gray, or silver cars. Similarly, white text is perfect for dark-colored vehicles like brown, navy, and black ones.

3. Follow the 10-by-1 Rule for the Text Size:

The size or the “pitch” of the lettering is crucial for its legibility. The idea is quite simple. The larger the text, the more visible it is and the more impactful it will be. However, not everyone has the budget or the desire to create a large lettering to cover the whole side of the vehicle. Most people choose vehicle lettering and graphics in Frederick, Maryland over the vehicle wraps because they have a subtle appearance and are more affordable.

4. Keep the Message Simple:

When it is about effective advertising, less is more! This is especially true when you are creating an ad that others will see for just a few seconds. A simple example is a billboard on the side of the highway. For the billboards, experts suggest the message be limited to only seven words. You can use the same guideline for vehicle lettering. Some people use lettering as a means of branding their vehicles. For branding purposes, all you need is the logo and slogan if you have one. Along with the branding, a lot of business owners add a clear call to action with a phone number.

5. Place the Letters Strategically:

You have to install the vehicle letters in a location on the vehicle where it will get a lot of exposure and where it will be easy to read. It is better to place the letters in more than one location so that you get attention from multiple angles. In general, it is best to favor higher portions of the vehicles because this area shall be more in line with other driver’s fields of vision. However, on the back of the vehicle, you can place the graphics or letter farther down, like the tailgate of a truck, since a driver stopped behind you is as likely to see the messages as they would lettering on the back of the windshield.

Unlike most advertising surfaces, vehicles have moving parts that can impact the advertisement. Think about how the text will look when the vehicle’s doors open or the windows are rolled down slightly. Professional vehicle lettering and graphics services in Frederick, Maryland will help you in choosing the best location for your vehicle lettering.

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