The Mistakes to Avoid While Ordering Custom T-Shirt Printing in Frederick Maryland

The Mistakes to Avoid While Ordering Custom T-Shirt Printing in Frederick Maryland

Apr 22, 2024Foxtree Designs
Ordering custom t-shirt printing in Frederick, Maryland, apparently seems to be an easy and painless process. However, there are certain factors to consider while ordering custom t-shirt printing in Frederick, Maryland, because you must avoid some mistakes. There are some common problems that people face while placing orders of custom t-shirts. It can be highly frustrating. In this blog, we shall address the mistakes to avoid while ordering custom t-shirts in bulk. Read on to know the details. 

Mistakes to Avoid While Ordering Custom T-Shirts in Bulk:

1. Choosing the Wrong Printing Method:

There are two options for t-shirt printing: screen printing and digital printing. Many organizations offer users the option to choose the printing methods for themselves so that they know exactly what they will get. This will give them more control over how the order looks. Many users will learn about the different t-shirt printing methods for the first time, and their selected print method is not the right option for them. 

Screen printing offers larger bulk discounts for higher-quantity orders, but it also uses the number of colors in the design to calculate the quote. Digital printing, on the other hand, lets you order with no minimum. However, it is not an efficient method for larger quantities. So, it is limited to small orders and those with complex photographic designs. 


2. Uploading Low-Quality Images:

While choosing custom t-shirt printing in Frederick, Maryland, you can upload and customize using your preferred images. This is crucial for those using their logos and artwork to make the designs. However, the images are often of low quality to be printed well. The image must be large enough for however large you want it to print. To explain in simple terms – the images are made up of pixels – the tiny squares you can see when you zoom in on an image. Smaller images have fewer pixels, and larger images will have more. 

The ideal option is to use an image with 150 pixels per inch at the size you want to print. If you upload a tiny image and it is blown up to print larger, the design will look blurry. It is crucial to be okay with the tradeoff in print quality or find a larger image. 

3. Using Copyrighted Material:

This is a major mistake to avoid when it comes to custom t-shirt printing in Frederick, Maryland. You should NEVER opt for copyrighted or trademarked material. What makes this a common issue is a lot of us don’t realize how much is covered under copyright protections. Most of the time, it is for entirely innocent reasons, without even realizing the mistake. However, this must be avoided at any cost. 

The list of protected materials is vast, and it is not possible to narrow it down to a single list. However, it includes sports logos, Disney imagery, movie franchises, celebrity photos, and more. It is understandable that with so many precautions, the users might feel frustrated, but it is always better to be careful and take precautions regarding intellectual property seriously. 

4. Choosing Too Complicated Designs:

It is better not to choose complicated designs, especially when selecting a design representing your brand or business. This is primarily an issue of the screen-printed designs. To prepare the complete order, the artist needs to create digital files, and each color of the design is separated into individual layers. After that, it has to be feasible to recreate the design on the screen printing press, where the colors are printed individually. If the design is made up of photographs, or it uses different logos, each with its own set of colors or just a bazillion different colors, it will be complicated to be screen printed. 

In Conclusion:

Avoiding the above four mistakes will not only help to keep the order moving quickly but also make sure that you get the best result. We work with all of our customers to help them make the best decisions for them and ensure they get exactly what they want.

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